I’ma Let You Speak, But First…

I’m going to ask for your help. At least for you to think about helping.

My older brother, James Ford, died of a crazy, one-in-a-million kind of cancer (small cell carcinoma. It’s a straight-up bitch, y’all) in 2003, just under four months after being diagnosed. I remember it clearly; it has been etched into my soul. June 25, 2003. He died early in the morning of October 20, 2003.

Now, I’m not sharing that for sympathy. I’m sharing because I know, in the crushing, piercing knowledge that you are helpless, what it feels like to want to do anything in the world to make things better for your brother. Or sister, for those of you with girly sibs. Anyway, it’s an ache that never quite goes away. It becomes like an arthritic joint, telling your heart when the storm is about to roll in.

When others experience this, it becomes your pain in a small way. Because you know. You understand.

Please consider, as a balm to the ache in your soul from whatever it is that has wounded you, helping this family. Gretchen, the oldest sister, has started a GoFundMe for her little brother, Chad, so that he can travel from his home in a rural part of North Eastern Oklahoma to receive treatments for his thyriod cancer. She explains the details. Their younger sister, Kerri, has also been recently diagnosed. Something as simple as a $10 donation can get him miles further toward seeing his doctors, toward coming home. Toward living his life.

They’re good people, fun, funny, but most of all, they are people who would do the same for you.


If you can’t help, or are not so inclined, consider passing the info on.



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