I was texting one of my best friends this morning, and we were talking about the November social media ritual of being #Blessed It gets frustrating at the best of times, only because of how sometimes it seems like it’s all perfect, perfect, perfect out there. Or, on the flipside, everything is SO F’ING DRAMATIC. … More HashtagGratitude

The Curb Attacked My Tire (and the absurdity of life)

I was having a completely horrible day. Truly terrible. The day I was released from the hospital was the day I got a certified letter from work stating that my Leave of Absence was over & either I hightailed it back to work pronto or I was being separated from employment. Amicably, and with the ability to … More The Curb Attacked My Tire (and the absurdity of life)

Face Value

I haven’t been posting. Not here, not on Facebook. Not on Twitter. Not my own words or thoughts, really. There’s so much happening that sometimes I can’t sort through it properly. I feel a certain impetus to put a positive spin on things, but I’m much more realistic than that. It often comes across as … More Face Value


Dude. I’m still getting fat. No energy. Still healing. Can’t even stretch my arms. Everything always itches. UUUUuuuugh! I just want to have a little pity party, ‘k? Cool. I want things to be totally awesome, so I can be all like “Look at me! I’m so busy cancering and being fabulous!” but I can’t. … More Uuuuuugh