The Curb Attacked My Tire (and the absurdity of life)

I was having a completely horrible day. Truly terrible. The day I was released from the hospital was the day I got a certified letter from work stating that my Leave of Absence was over & either I hightailed it back to work pronto or I was being separated from employment. Amicably, and with the ability to … More The Curb Attacked My Tire (and the absurdity of life)

A Valley, A Rally, A Rockstar Weekend, and Chemo

It’s been awhile, kids. Some things have gone down, and my moods have been swinging harder than a bi couple at Studio 54. One day I’m up, the next morose. Or irritated. Or giggly. Would you believe I’ve written several posts only to discard them halfway through? It isn’t that there isn’t a veritable shit … More A Valley, A Rally, A Rockstar Weekend, and Chemo

Reality Bites

I’m weaning myself off of my pain meds. Holy sweet 6lb sweet baby Jesus on a stick! FFFFFFFluffernutter! Jumpin’ Jehosephat! Damn, y’all. Breathing exercises are in full play, but that doesn’t mean I feel awesome. Double damn! The alternatives, though, are numb fingers and brain cells and overdoing things to the point of exhaustion because I’m not sure … More Reality Bites


I have 10 minutes to finish my water. Tomorrow is going to be crazy. I taught my fourteen year old the fundamentals of great eyeliner today. That is a life lesson that will carry her through thick and thin. You think it won’t? You’re wrong. The ability to artfully apply makeup will give her tools … More Boobpocalypse!

Let Them Eat Cake.

There are times in this ridiculousness when I get to be normal. Well, maybe a facsimile of my version of normal, which is always a bit off anyway. But I digress. It has been a week with two birthdays, and we have cake. Red velvet cake, home made cupcakes, Publix cupcakes, and Chuck E Cheese cake. That, my friends, … More Let Them Eat Cake.